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Heidi Krumreich

relationship & intimacy coach

for individuals & couples 

intuitive energy practitioner 

Being loved by someone gives you strength, loving someone gives you courage. 


Relationship and Intimacy Coaching

My passion is to support you as you find your way to a thriving and joyful relationship with yourself and your partner. I bring a warm heart, discerning intuition, and deep compassion to this work, and together we will create a space for you to show up just as you are so that you can experience breakthroughs and reap the benefits of immense joy and connection that accompany profound change. 


I will invite you to learn more about yourself and go deeper -- alone or with your partner -- to explore what blocks, patterns, habits or old conditioning have been holding you back. We will work together to navigate these challenges with kindness and curiosity to unlock potential that you may not have yet reached.

This work is for anyone who desires to explore the realms of attachment, relationship patterns, and barriers to a fulfilling connection to self and others. Secure and lasting connection is one of the things we humans desire most and it is my goal to help others find healing and experience breakthroughs that make this possible. 

I draw on a combination of modalities to guide and support you on your journey to a more fulfilling and thriving way of being.

This work can be done whether you are partnered or not. 

If you are ready, join me by following the link below to schedule a session.

To see if working together would be a good fit, call or text 574-933-3813

to schedule a free Discovery Call. 

Intuitive Energy Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in patterns, emotions or thoughts that leave you feeling heavy or discouraged? Your beliefs about yourself and the world around you can show up as protective mechanisms to keep you safe, and they often linger long after they have served their purpose. These limiting beliefs no longer serve your highest good, and because of this, they leave you feeling low and unable to facilitate real change or movement in your life. 

This is usually happening in ways you are unaware of fully, but you do not have to stay mired (even unconsciously) in your past -- meaning, we can bring them to light and, with support, witness and release them. This is done using a combination of modalities, including breathwork, somatic or embodied practices, intuitive energy alignment, cord cutting, and others. 

You are right where you need to be. I believe that we all already possess what we need to heal and grow. Having a coach to guide that process does not take away from your inner knowledge, it amplifies and allows the process to alchemize faster and more fully. Energetic alignment creates shifts that are immediate and initiate needed adjustments on other levels of being. Deep subconscious transformation along with conscious action creates lasting change. 

This work takes intention, but it can be FUN and is rewarding, and it is for the courageous! All you have to do is begin!

My entire life I have been fascinated with the intricacies of relationships and how we relate to one another. I spent more than 20 years working, serving and supporting healing in the healthcare field. I am a Certified Relationship Coach through The Center For Thriving Relationships and am a level III Reiki Practitioner. I bring the knowledge, experience, and training I received in these areas to support you on your growth and healing adventure. 

In my free time I am an avid reader and writer and can be found gearing up for my next adventure outdoors. 

I look forward to working with you!

- Heidi

Your future is pure potential.


Bethany J. 


"Heidi is adept at guiding productive conversations and demonstrates care for her clients. She is professional and prepared. I highly recommend!"
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